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Mangrove Homestay near Talakadu

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3 star
1 nights

Cradled in the heartland of the historic temple town of Talakadu, Mysore (eponymous with Pancha linga darshana), lies a surprise of a getaway in a sprawling 8 acre mangrove farm, aptly called Mango Mulch.

Tucked away in a serene world of its own, nestled amidst lush verdant fields of sugarcane, ragi, vegetables and even bursts of marigold on one end to the majestic Cauvery river flowing on the other, this quiet getaway provides the much needed balm for a tranquil and relaxing weekend by the countryside.

This quintessential farm boasts of 5 gigantic 100yr old mango trees, the canopy of which covers half an acre! Also laden with 60 mango trees spread across the land, enveloping 3 lovely rustic cottages, the farm beckons one into a serene world, where one can meditate and energize oneself with yoga and silence.


There are 3 cottages that one can choose from.

Among them, the first is inspired on a Golghar design, with a Katte to stretch one’s legs, (a classic throwback to a yesteryear hut.)

The other are twin cottages that have wooden slats for a ceiling and bay windows overlooking the farm. These twin cottages share a common verandah.

All three cottages are enveloped by the cooling canopy of the mango trees.


Tariff is Rs.1700/- per person, per day.

This includes:

  • having delicious home cooked, Vegetarian food made from organically grown produce, with millets serving as the foundation for a meal, in an open air , thatched roof dining area.
  • lazing around on the wonderful hammock reading or soaking in the tranquil air
  • gazing at million stars on a clear night
  • and last but not the least, waking up next day to the piercing calls of the peacocks that freely roam in the farm!

Meal Timings:

  • Breakfast 9 AM
  • Lunch 1:30 PM
  • Supper 8 PM

Kids below 10 years is free. Extra person/bed charges apply (Rs 1000)

Things To Do

Birding: Other than curling up on the delightful hammocks that are strung under the mango trees, one can choose to go bird watching among the plethora of birds that are sighted here including the beautiful Fly-catcher, Grey Hornbill, Small Minivets, Owls, Indian Pitta, Drango and Migratory birds.

Nature walks/Village life: One can take long leisurely walks to the sunset point which offers breathtaking views of the setting sun mirrored on the winding Cauvery river or choose to take the other path that passes by Kurbalhundi, the village next door and get a glimpse of pastoral life in all its simplicity.

Cycling and Temple Tours: There are cycles available on the farm if one wishes to cycle around the countryside and meander through the paddy fields along the tiny canals and the cauvery river. One can also take a trip to the ancient temples of Talakadu that abound with tales of piety and devotion, curses and blessings!

Sightseeing: The other places within a radius of 25 kms from Talakadu are Gaganchukki and Barchukki Falls and Somnathpura that one can visit.

Bandipur, BR Hills and Mysore are also popular destinations that one can go to.

Policies of Mangrove Homestay near Talakadu

Amenities of Mangrove Homestay near Talakadu


House Rules

  • Strictly no alcohol and smoking
  • Vegetarian food only
  • Meal timings to be adhered
  • No Room service
  • No loud music
  • No pets allowed
  • No in-house facility for drivers/maids
  • No laundry facility
  • No Television
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